Arifa & Voices from the East

In 2014 the Arifa quartet initiated the new project "VOICES from the EAST" where three exceptional female artists from 3 different cultures joined the quartet in combining magical sounds from the Silk Road.

Each masters a string instrument which can be traced to olden times: the erhu, kamache and gadulka, from China, Iran and Bulgaria. The unique vocal traditions practiced in these countries will be added to Arifa’s instrumental timbre, complementing each other to create rich contemporary compositions, rooted in ancient sounds.

Their live CD record at the Bimhuis Amsterdam, will be released in the beginning of 2015.

Guest musicians:
Meng Xiaoxu – erhu & vocals (China)
Niusha Barimani – kamanche & vocals (Iran)
Vanya Valkova – gadulka & vocals (Bulgaria)

Franz von Chossy (Germany) piano
Alex Simu (Romania) clarinets
Sjahin During (Turkey/Nederlands) percussion set

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